The purpose of Gestalt Counselling 

To give the gift of Awareness


About Me

As an Integrative Counsellor I use Humanistic Counselling theories to help me offer an individual therapy experience tailored just for you and your needs.

One of the theories I am trained in is Gestalt; Gestalt theory focuses on working creatively in the here and now. Focusing on issues that are happening in the present can be difficult to talk about, I would invite you to think about your issues from another perspective by working with creative tools. I use shells/objects to help you place the focus externally and then be able to map out issues. Once out in the open it can be easier to view and explore the issues, and discover new ways of seeing and coping with issues. This type of therapy is also useful when dealing with historic issues, or relationships with self or others. Gestalt Therapy takes its theory from Existentialism, finding a meaning or purpose in life.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is used to help identify Negative Automatic Thoughts, here we work to challenge the thoughts through awareness of when they occur. I also offer Solution Focused Brief Therapy, where we would agree on an singular issue and work around how to help you find resolve.

Person Centred Theory helps to uncover Conditions of Worth, the messages you received in the past. We explore the messages to discover how the messages have affected your sense of self in the present.